Enjoy mouth-watering, good,
healthy, wholesome meals which have been prepared with love and care with only the finest and freshest ingredients. The great taste of the Mediterranean is now on your doorstep and we feel sure once you try it, you will keep coming back for more. Whether a meat eater, or vegetarian, there is something to suit all tastes from the classic Moussaka to freshly made Souvlaki (marinated charcoal-cooked Pork, Lamb, Chicken) or the exquisite taste of Kalamari (Fried Squid) and not forgetting the refreshing Horiatiki (Greek Salad) with Feta Cheese and Greek Olives… simply scrummy!



When we say “Greek atmosphere” we are not joking around. All of our 5 senses can travel us back to GREECE!
Mediterranean scent, amazing views, original music and delicious tastings are guaranteed to give you a mental trip back to the land of Gods! 🙏
Even the chairs’ design is OG! (Original Greek)😉😏


Welcome to the epitome of Greek-style dining and entertaining - the Greek meze table!

Translated literally, the word meze (meh-ZEH) means a taste or a bite. It is used to describe small plates of savory snacks that are served as a complement to drinks!

Our MEZE contains a mixture of hot and cold starters. Starting of with pitta bread, dips and salad, moving on with a range of traditional cheeses and finishing of with kalamari and charcoal chicken, pork and lamb.

It is a way to have a slow paced dining experience accompanied with drinking and discussing, guaranteed to amaze you and have an unforgettable evening!

Grab a fork and have a seat at the table! Friends and loved ones are getting together for an evening of laughter, drinks, and most of all, plate after plate of delectable Greek food.


Pitta bread

Tzatziki, Tyrokafteri, Taramasalata, Melitzanosalata, Houmous

Greek horiatiki salad, Dolmadakia, Gigantes

Fried feta, Saganaki, Zucchini fritters

Chargrilled halloumi, Keftedes

Kalamari, Chips

Chargrilled loukaniko sausage, Chargrilled Pastourma

Chargrilled Chicken, Pork & Lamb

The Greek way of eating!

Meze & Greek Beer - Perfect Partners

Our GREEK BEERS are colder than your ex's heart!


Do yourself a favour and come inside our little paradise! Treat your mouth with Mediterranean deliciousness and allow us to make you fall in love with the Greek cuisine!

Your visit will definitely be one to remember!

Book your table in advance and reserve your perfect night-out with us!

Delicious food, great drinks, music for all ears and pleasant environment, will only make you want to come again! 😉

Yia mas! 🥂

Customers' Reviews

"Excellent restaurant, ordered the meze which was essentially everything on there menu (21 dishes in total), reasonably priced both the food and the drink and the host threw in a free shot of ouzo and desert in typical Greek fashion. Definitely recommend."

- Jason P

"We tried the Mezze and it was lovely, gorgeous food that all came fresh and piping hot. All very authentic and the decor is lovely, you can almost imagine you're in Greece if you don't look out the window ;) The staff were very attentive, making sure everything was OK, did we need more pitta etc. Lovely place and great value for money, would return and recommend to others.

- Tarnya M

"Amazing food, amazing experience! Definitely a place you should go if you have a chance, and if you need a little bit of Greece in your life! Friendly waitresses, fast service, warm and tasty food, and amazing Greek music to accompany your experience!"

- Despoina A