Welcome to the epitome of the Greek-style dine and entertainment - the Greek MEZE table!

Translated literally, the word meze (meh-ZEH) means a taste or a bite. It is used to describe small plates of savory snacks that are served accompanied to beverages!

Our MEZE is served in six(6) rounds and it contains a mixture of hot and cold tasting bites. It is a way to have a slow paced dining experience, as a complement to a lovely company and great conversation, guaranteed to fullfill and amaze you.

The Rounds Served are consisted with:

Grab a fork and have a seat!
Friends and loved ones are getting together for an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter, drinking, and most of all, plate after plate of delectable Greek food.
The Greek way of dining!

Meze & Greek Beer - Perfect Partners