Meet the chef

Christos Tataroudis

From the Beginning!

Since the start of our company in 2017 in Chelmsford, Christos Tataroudis has been the head chef of our restaurant. He has played an important role in the formation of our food menu and because of that we have been a successful and sustainable business throughout all the years. In 2021, an expansion of the brand allowed us to open up another restaurant, this time, in Derby! Since then, we serve the traditional and delicious Greek cuisine, with Mr. Christos being the leader of our kitchen.

Kleftiko & Baked Potatoes
Vegetarian Moussaka & Moussaka

Decades of Experience!

Our chef, Christos, has more than 3 decades of experience in the kitchen! Since 1988, back in his homeland Greece, he has been the owner and head chef of his own restaurant. He then moved to Germany to pursue his passion for cooking, working in a variety of different Greek cuisines, until he became a restaurant owner again! Fast forward to 2007, after years of successful thrive in his business, he decides to return back to his homeland, this time to Greek islands! A decade went by being in the role of head chef, when he decided to move to Chelmsford, UK to grab an opportunity of having the lead role on the menu of a Greek restaurant! That was the beginning of our company, and since then we are serving the original and traditional Greek flavors, coming for Mr. Christo's hands.

Soutzoukakia, Briam, Baked Potatoes, Moussaka, Kleftiko


All of our meat are cooked with love and care on a charcoal grill!

Chicken, Pork, Lamb

Loukaniko, Pastourma, Keftedes